Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

"It's time to show Kong that man is king!"

Well shit I really enjoyed this one.
This movie is simultaneously the exact same as and completely different to Godzilla (2014). Both movies have a gradual build-up to the monster (Kong less so), both feature the main monster fighting other monsters, and both feature mostly uninteresting human characters.
The tone is where they differ though. While Godzilla was quite dark and dour, this movie is just balls to the wall fun, almost to the point of guilty pleasure.

I can't stress enough how much I loved the color grading. So many blockbusters these days have such boring color palettes, full of dull greys. Or the over-reliance on blue and orange. This movie has bit of the blue and orange, but overall it was incredibly vibrant. Everything pops, and so even when the movie is dragging (which rarely happens) it's still gorgeous to look at.
I love the Vietnam war aesthetic they went with. The visual style is just awesome overall. The camera movement is always very frenetic, and the action scenes explode.

It looks like director Jordan Vogt-Roberts had a lot of fun making this.
It felt like a movie fan was just given 200 million dollars to make a monster movie, and he just went all out. Yeah it got cheesy at times, but I think there's always an inherent cheesiness when it comes to monster movies that can't be avoided.

Like Godzilla, it is kind of weak in the character and story department. The two major stars Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston played just about the least interesting characters in the whole film.
My wife Brie did her best with what she was given, but her character was reduced to pretty much a glorified damzel in distress. Hiddleston just played the same sort of hero character we've seen a million times before.

I thought Sam Jackson was great as the antagonist type character, but the real standout here is John C Reilly. Sure he's by far the goofiest character on screen, but he was also the most interesting, and honestly the only one I cared about enough to want to see him make it out alive.

There's a huge cast of characters though so it is difficult to make each one well defined, and I thought they did an okay job. They're a step-up from the boring losers in Godzilla (minus Cranston).

As a pure action spectacle though, Kong is top notch and I enjoyed the shit out of it.
Nothing turns me on more than vibrant colors, except maybe Brie Larson running around in a tank top.

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