I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★½

2021 Cinema Ranked

Let me just say right off the bat that Rosamund Pike's performance in Gone Girl is my absolute favourite of the whole last decade, so it brings me a lot of joy to finally see her in another role worthy of her talents.

I Care A Lot is a stylish, pitch black satire/crime/thriller/whatever-you-want-to-call-it about how America's most vulnerable citizens are exploited, centering on a major opportunist named Marla Grayson (Pike). Marla works as a carer and is appointed as the legal guardian of dozens of elderly people deemed unfit to take her of themselves. She runs an operation where she seeks out vulnerable clients, gets authority over their affairs and then bleeds them dry.
Yeah, not a very nice person. When a particular ward of hers has connections to the Russian mob, Marla gets tangled up with some dangerous people but refuses to back down.

The entire cast comes to play here. It goes without saying how great Pike is here, but I'm gonna say it anyway. She absolutely relishes this role as a character who truly rivals Amy Dunne when it comes to unpleasantness. She imbues the character with more depth than she's written with and absolutely kills it. Awesome to see her get a Globe nomination for it (which I predicted yahyah).
Peter Dinklage rules in this aswell as a crime lord with a man bun and some serious drip. He's a scene stealer. Also great here is Chris Messina. He's not in it much though and really left me wanting more. Eiza Gonzales shines when she actually gets something to do, and I really can't wait for her to get a role that she can really sink her teeth into.

This movie is a lot of fun but also a bit of a mess unfortunately. The middle third especially is very all over the place and the movie runs the risk of tripping over itself at times, and it's a little over-written (the characters all talk in big monologues and speeches). It feels like it's building to something beautifully cynical and cohesive, but it has an ending that sort of undercuts its own message. I feel the movie would've been better if it really chose a vision and committed to it, instead it sort of comes off as a pastiche of dark crime comedy tropes with not as much to say as it seems like it does. Still though, it flies by on the strength of the cast alone. PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE PIKE PI-

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