Shame ★★★★

The hurricane of feelings and thoughts that follow getting caught masturbating, is the experience that Steve McQueen (Hunger, 2008) delivers with art; art, which leaves us staring at the abrupt ending and then the roll with wonderment and awe. This is a film made for the sake of just that; it shows you the highs and then the depraved depths of addiction. And the funny part is both look equally splendid.

The high-grade direction and the audaciously astonishing and brilliant performances grab you in its sticky hold and never let go. This is one of those that stay with you.

Fassbender is a man of good looks; however it is obsession and guilt that he uses here to satisfy his incessant urges. I’m alright with the fact that I watched him play David first in ‘Prometheus, 2012’. Not being able to relate to David being a machine made of wires and prosthetic and letting Brandon of this film get in the way, is what is not going to happen. I could watch Scott's film again and become convinced of David; that’s how much he put into this one, and in 'Shame' Fassbender shows less emotions than David did and comes out a winner (I mean David is a machine for f***’s sake.), he acts with the surroundings, the body, through other actors. He improvises and so did David. Fassbender is a fine talent to hit the screen in recent years.

Yes, it does remind you of other films like ‘Requiem for a Dream, 2000’ and ‘Irreversible, 2002’ and yes the ending could have been even more intense to concede with the intensity; but if you ask me it does not matter once you've watched the last few minutes of it.

This film is powerful and hungry, although just about enough.

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