Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Ok whoa, gotta be up there with one of my favorite openings of the franchise! Super innovative and fun!

That entire middle third could’ve been reworked in my eyes. Some set pieces were good enough, but let’s be real most of it dragged and dragged and dragged! And then it bled into that atrocious subway scene; sure, we got some cool visuals during but it moved far too slowly and the pay-off wasn’t nowhere near worth it! We gotta give up this Gale Weathers & Skeet Ulrich shtick, though. And all the leaning too hard on family trauma. It grows old real quick. Especially with an ending that leaves us in the same exact place with our characters as with the last film; no progression whatsoever. Def better than its requel predecessor, mainly due to some exceptional kills.

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