Scream ★★★½

Maybe I was overhyped. Maybe I was seeking for something too high. Maybe my expectations were different than everyone else’s. 

I liked this ‘Scream’ movie (face it, it’s Scream 5) but I didn’t love it, sadly. 

So basically there’s more murders. Woodsboro is being targeted again. Who could the killer be? What’s their motive? How will the legacy characters tie into  all of this? Is it a passing of the torch type thing? 

All of those questions are answered… just not in the ways I expected. This was extremely meta, extremely self aware (just like a Scream movie should be), but it isn’t boundary pushing and/or groundbreaking or even as entertaining and/or sleek like the original was. This reminds me of ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’, which I was a big fan of actually. But what the Matrix did was include elements of the original, the sequels, and twist them until you didn’t expect/understand what was going on. It not only commented on filmmaking as a whole, but the fans of the series. This is what the new Scream did, but instead of it sticking out like ‘The Matrix’ as a sequel that stands on its own, this one just kind retreads everything we already know (which is maybe the point idk)

Maybe I’m too harsh. Maybe I’m not harsh enough. Maybe all this movie is missing is Wes Craven, who is honored greatly in this. 

I have to give it up to the writers tho: I did not expect who the killer was.

(PS it’s not a bad movie! Just not as good as some of the other sequels 🤷‍♀️ Still better than half of the recycled junk that comes out of streaming services and Blumhouse these days)

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