Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★

Immediate Rating: 8/10
Rating after 24/48 hours: 8/10

+incredible performances by the two leads (Noemie Merlant in particular gives one of my favorite performances of the year)
+every frame a painting (opening ocean shots, anything by the cliff, the bonfire, and the shadow shot)
+the painting scenes are special
+the screenplay is so tight, the banter and back and forth is incredible
-the plot threads involving the servant girl consistently made me want to return to the central story with the two leads
-the first minute and last minute weren’t a perfect fit with the rest of the narrative imo

Notes to Myself to Remember:
-director’s introduction was amazing (buzz leads to fear of disappointment)
-probably the fewest lines spoken by men in a movie that I’ve ever seen
-yay for scissors song

Way Too Early Oscar Thoughts:
-This will probably be shut out of everything but Best International Film, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Best Cinematography

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