Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire ★★★★½

"The Devil lives in the trees."

A superb folk horror film, 1983's Eyes of Fire, is the tale of a fallen priest [Dennis Lipscomb,Under Siege..1992] and his flock are exiled into a strange sinister valley, where native american ghosts haunt the night, tortured faces appear on the trees, and a witch stalks the forest.
Guy Boyd (Foxcatcher..2014) is a hunter/trapper searching for his daughter and estranged wife, and one of the only people in the group with enough wisdom and savvy to see that something is amiss, along with a mute shaman like woman. [Karleene Crockett, Sister Island..1996]
The story isn't that deep, but the whole thing is swimming in a heavy atmosphere of doom and unease, and filled to the brim with subtext.
It's the age old battle of new religion vs something ancient and primal.
A beautifully shot film, with surreal, frightening images dancing across the screen. Those trees with faces will haunt your dreams the rest of your life.
its an almost experimental film, that recalls feelings of The Evil Dead, David Lynch, and The VVitch.
If you're a fan of folk horror, like The Wickerman, The Lighthouse, or the VVitch, Eyes of Fire is a must watch.
If you've never dipped into Folk horror, this is an excellent place to start.
I can't recommend this folk horror masterpiece enough

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