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  • Voodoo Island

    Voodoo Island



    Psychotronic theater, the wild side of cinema.

    "A spine - chilling horror hit!!!"

    Boris Karloff brings some class to an otherwise lacking voodoo horror movie.
    Karloff is a tv personality who debunks myths and legends, who is hired by a real-estate mogul to find out what is happening on a remote island he owns, a previous expedition crew meet some kind of foul fate, with only one member making it back in a zombie like state. (I wonder what…

  • Assignment Terror

    Assignment Terror



    Paul Naschy is back as the cursed Waldemar Doninsky, who is doomed to turn into a werewolf in the moonlight.
    In what has to be one of the craziest plots ever, space aliens hatch a plan to controll the earth, first by reviving two dead people as hosts, Michael Ronnie (The Day the Earth Stood Still) and Karin Dor (You Only Live Twice) the duo do research into the monsters of myth including a vampire, a mummy, Frankensteins monster…

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