The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Robert Eggers proved with The Lighthouse that he was the master of isolation and utilizing a limited location to its fullest extent. So, with The Northman, it's interesting to see this director go in the complete opposite direction, crafting a legitimate epic of grand proportions, chronicling one man’s self-destructive quest for revenge in a morally depraved world. What immediately stands out about the film is the sheer scale of it all. Vast, beautiful landscapes act as the backdrop for most of the story. Whereas The Lighthouse created a confined space with no room for escape, the Icelantic locations give off the sense of an endless world where our main character can go anywhere. But that’s the key idea; that Amleth chooses to stay in this tiny village as a slave. His drive for vengeance eliminates the prospects of life anywhere else. It destroys him from the inside, and it gets to the point where right and wrong are so blurred that revenge is the only answer. It's a tragic story brought to life through the tireless efforts of the directing, the stunning cinematography, and the masterful score. Easily one of the best theater experiences this year that I definitely wish I went to sooner, but I blame finals week for that.

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