Scream ★★★★

A celebration of all things horror that manages to also be a great horror film in and of itself. Scream frequently indulges in satirizing the tropes and cliches that fuel the genre, often being quite blatant and upfront about it. In some respects, this could be considered a straight-up parody film for how on-the-nose and rapid-fire the jabs at horror are. However, the film knows when to take itself seriously when it actually wants the audience to be scared. Despite his jovial nature, Ghostface feels like a legitimate threat. The way he mentally fucks with his victims before killing them is disturbing and violating, giving him a sort of grounded feel to him as compared to the more unstoppable slashers that that film itself references. Overall, it’s a film so good at lampooning its sources that it emulates so well what made them work to begin with.

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