Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★½

Man, I forgot just how likable and enjoyable this movie is. It's very much in the same vein as My Neighbor Totoro, where it forgoes the three act structure that's traditionally used in favor of a more 'slice of life' format. It's just a young witch named Kiki going through her life, having all these different experiences and encounters.

Kiki, herself, is one of the most likable characters Ghibli has ever made. She does everything with such joy and optimism, which makes her a fun protagonist to follow. I also like her character arc of her growing as a person and believing in herself. Her story is very relatable to anyone setting off on their own into the world. The side characters are great, too. I remember I found Tombo somewhat irritating when I first saw the movie. After seeing it a second time, I quite enjoyed his character, as him and Kiki share a really nice friendship. Osono, Ursula, the grandma, and the bakery worker are all great, as well. The only character I have any sort of problem with is Jiji the Phil Hartman cat. He would always chime in with some unnecessary quip or lame joke. Not all of his lines are bad (and I don't even really hate his character), but he could become annoying after awhile. He does stop talking near the end, so that's nice.

Like I said before, the story is more about the different situations and interactions that Kiki goes through, and less of a continuing story. You really relate to all of Kiki's struggles and triumphs. It's nice seeing her overcome challenges, make new friends, and deliver packages. And when she finally masters her powers, its such a triumphant moment as she rushes to the film's climax.

And, guess what, the animation, music, and voice acting are all top notch. I love the city the film takes place in. All the colors add to the cheery feeling of the film. It almost feels redundant to talk about this stuff at this point, since almost all Ghibli films share these traits. Something I do want to point out is the flying scenes, which are particularly well-done in this movie. It's done in a way where you can kinda sense how Kiki controls her broom and how it works, yet a lot is still left to the imagination.

Overall, this is such a pleasant film experience that I can recommend to anyone. It's really fun and charming, and has its own feel to it. I've debated for awhile on whether Kiki or Totoro is a better movie. After watching this again, I think Kiki slightly edges out Totoro. I just think it has a lot more going on and more memorable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and it's one of Miyazaki's best works.

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