In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★½

While I’m not usually one for musicals, there’s something undeniably appealing about In the Heights. It features a wide array of characters trying to live their best lives, only for the system to keep pushing them back down. Everyone has their own sueñito that they aspire to, but can so rarely achieve due to the circumstances. Yet, despite their seemingly limited prospects, this still manages to be such a positive and happy experience. What the characters lack in physical wealth they more than make up for by just having each other. Every character is extremely likable and relatable in their ambitions, and they all have great chemistry with one another. These relationships are channeled into beautiful song and dance sequences, with fantastic choreography and music. I can’t think of a single weak musical number; they were all just great. They just have so much energy flowing through them that allow them to express anything from the tone of a scene to the feelings of the main characters. Perhaps that’s the appeal of musicals that I’ve been missing out on; having the story conveyed through more than just simple words. The ending also really took me by surprise. While I was caught a bit off guard by it, I do ultimately like the resolution this film put forth. I will admit that the story is a little generic for its own good. It’s not a film you come to for a groundbreaking or super original story, but for the most part, the story did feel a bit on the predictable side. But overall, this film is just a pleasant experience. It confronts the harsh realities of today, but uses them to tell such an uplifting story with fantastic characters and music. It’s one of the best movies of the year thus far, and such a great way to start the summer.

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