Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

Evil Dead II does what any good sequel should strive to do: it takes what was established in the first film and turns it up to 11. Everything that was great about its predecessor is amplified, as the filmmakers fully embrace the absurdity of the concept. The first movie was also quite silly, but you could tell there were some small attempts at seriousness. In the second film, all pretenses of believability are thrown out the window. The deadites are back, and crazier than ever, as the filmmakers continue to push their practical effects to the limits. Ash has fully transformed from a scared kid forced to fight valiantly against the dead into a badass action movie star willing to do whatever it takes to survive the night, whether it be chopping off his hand to replace it with a chainsaw or summoning even scarier demons. Adding to the fact that they technically wrote that one scene I didn’t like from the first movie out of the canon, Evil Dead II stands as the ultimate campy horror film. It never once stops to question whether what it's about to do makes sense, and instead goes full throttle in its ideas. And based on how this movie ends, I can’t wait to see how it all concludes in the finale to what has already been a pretty damn fun trilogy.

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