Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★½

Ok, I gotta be honest: I didn't really understand a lot of what was going on for a good portion of this movie. I ended up having to look up a plot synopsis online afterwards just to understand it. After doing that, I can confidently say that this is a good movie that maybe could have explained some things better. Maybe the confusion is my fault. However, I remember the ending came out of nowhere for me, and there were parts that maybe could have been more fleshed out. Thankfully, the somewhat overly complex plot didn't detract too much from the overall experience, as there are other things to appreciate here. I adore the dystopian world this film portrays. I only wish it was explored more. The action, while it is scarcer than I thought it would be, is really well done. I like the themes the movie decides to explore through the replicants. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer give great performances. If I was able to understand the plot a bit more (or perhaps they did a better job explaining it), then this could have been an all-time classic. I think the film will improve for me after rewatching it in the future. But for now, I enjoyed the film, and I do have interest in watching the sequel.

UPDATE: I have been informed by @Race that the "Final Cut" version of the film I was watching removes key narration that helps explain the plot better. When I rewatch, I'll be sure to check out another version. It kinda does suck that the version that everyone parades around as being "the best" is not all that welcoming to newcomers, and is really only for hardcore fans.

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