Roma ★★★★★

The best Film with Dog-Poo
since Pink Flamingos!

Congratulation to Alfonso Cuarón, his wonderful Cast & Crew for all the wins they could take home along the long road of Award-Season. Unfortunately the Best Picture went to the Oscar-Bait and didn't go to a foreign movie yet again. Who would have thought? I hoped the Academy would finally be better than this. Guess not.

But nonetheless, it is a serious piece of art, with state of the art Black & White Cinematography that was never done like this before. The pristine Alexa 65 pictures combined with the Dolby Atmos Sound-Mix and Editing (which is a disgrace that both Oscars went to Bohemian Rhapsody...) truly make this a new experience, that was never there, yet always in front of our eyes. Atmos isn't best, when it's used for loud action Blockbusters. The quiet movie, with dogs barking, people talking and birds chirping in the background truly makes for an immersive sound design. Like you are there. The camera moves its lens, the sound moves in the same space. Magnificent to witness.

We need more movies in this style. Let Black & White have a high budget revival. It would be so refreshing again, to use the newest technology to reduce yourself to the geometrical forms and contrast densities. I hope that for all the recognition this Film got, there are more Producers to shill out some dough for small movies on a big scale like this.

Do we really need an Aquaman Spin-Off about Trench...?
That's going to cost like at least three Romas.

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