Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★½

Art-House of the Dead

With a cult leader in the making, a involuntary love square and a bloody moon, this reminded me a lot of Mandy actually.
I was just waiting for Nic Cage coming along and cutting away that obnoxious dude, who is stalking our lead.

But of course, this movie doesn't have Cage and therefor no Tour-de-Force, but some moody settings and an interesting plot, that has some pacing issues, an Italian giallo soundtrack and a terribly schmaltzy opening and end credit theme.

Hooper 5.0 #XIII
6 countries (USA)(5/6)☐
6 decades (1973)(6/6)☑
2 women directed films (1/2)☐
Total Movie Challenge (13/48)☐

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