Bicycle Thieves ★★★★½

We made our very own Bicycle-day!

Two movie's with a bicycle seemingly being the center point of the story and both were beautifully devastating shots of their moment in time.

First we have the post-war-shocked Italy, where everybody tries to have a job and something to put food on the family table.
And a lucky father finally gets offered a good job,
to do exactly that.
He needs his bike back, pledged his bed sheets to get it and then his "working utensils" get stolen right before his eyes and he can't do nothing about it.
Whoa, right in the gutter!
The lump in my throat was sitting hard.
And the ending reminded me totally at a scene with my father,
who was raised in exactly that time and place.
Such a heartbreaking scene!

Strikes against the Hydra: the third Head!

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