Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

I don't like reviewing these giant blockbusters on here because it feels like I'm just adding to a mostly irritating cacophony but one thing I haven't seen anyone mention is that this movie as it was originally conceived was already kind of a sellout gig for Zack Snyder, his first two DC movies were seen as disappointments and this was going to be his attempt to do something more Marvel-like and palatable to mass audiences. And even in its improbable and completely indulgent four-hour form you can still see that movie, noticeably lighter in tone than the previous entries and full of the kind of comedy relief Disney turned into a cynical science in public manipulation. Makes me wonder how different Snyder's two-hour version really would have been from what we ended up seeing, but that's all speculation. Anyway, consider me pro-this rather than anti- even though I don't really think I'll ever want to watch the whole thing again.

Alfred calls Superman "Master Kent." Shouldn't that be "Master Clark"?

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