The Tingler

The Tingler ★★★★★

"You must have screamed just in time."

Beautifully reflexive pop-art horror, nothing else quite like it even within the William Castle Cinematic Universe. I love how it functions as a bit of film criticism re: the power of the scream, how unsettling it is to have this universal piece of horror movie grammar punctuation taken away, its release valve closed off and inaccessible. I love Vincent Price's acerbic marriage and all of its venomous dialogue. I love Tol'able David. I love the Tingler creature effects, weirdly lovable despite their disgusting crustaceous bodies. I love the hand reaching out of the bathtub full of bright red blood. And I love seeing it in a real movie theater with Real Live Tinglers allowed to roam free among the audience as Price pleads for calm. A true, honest to God original.

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