Star Wars

Star Wars ★★★★½

"Boring conversation anyway."

All the tinkering and CGI cosmetic upgrades make this difficult to assess as a product of its time rather than just part of a never-ending mega-corporate franchise, but I think that even if it had just come and gone like most movies it would be notable for the way it closes the gap between what's possible in fantasy adventure on the page and what's possible on the screen, pre-1977 kids were accustomed to making allowances without even realizing it that kids afterwards never learned how to. They could see a massive kingdom of futuristic spires and vehicles in the Flash Gordon Sunday newspaper strip that became a flimsy cardboard set at the movies and their imaginations would make up the difference, I sometimes wonder if that was a somewhat invaluable skill that's been obliterated not just by advancing technology but also the allocation of big studio A-budgets for stories like this, which in previous eras were strictly cheap and fast affairs because kids couldn't tell the difference. That's the big innovation here, making a scifi space adventure that looks and feels and moves like a real movie instead of a clumsy children's matinee, and we're all still suffering the consequences today!

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