Losing Ground

Losing Ground ★★★½

I was worried I was going to not like this because some of the acting in the first scene is rocky, but my concerns dissipated once I got a sense of Seret Scott's natural charisma. She is admittedly not the best actress, but she's likable and her scenes were my personal favorite of the movie, especially when she had a legitimately great actor, Duane Jones, to bounce off of.

Overall this is a wonderful portrait of a marriage falling apart, but the marriage almost takes a backseat to other explorations, of ecstasy, of family, and (metatextually) of Black film history. The mise-en-scene is great (plus there's a fun self aware joke poking fun at the pretentiousness of the phrase mise-en-scene) and overall it's a great independent feminist gem. Definitely give it a try while it's on Criterion Channel!

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