The Amusement Park

The Amusement Park ★★★★★


One of the first things that hit me right away was the elderly trading in their valuables for cash, cents on the dollar, it reminded me of the predatory "sell your gold" commercials on Faux News (I'm not a Faux News watcher).

I know this movie was targeting elder abuse, and that's important, but there's so much about society that Romero got right in this movie. And as much as I love a bleak movie, this one was too real, too relatable. And that's the point. The ever present lack of health care, the grifters stealing from you as you're sold home upgrades (reminded me of grandparents relying on reverse mortgages to survive) the hustle and bustle of every day living passing you by with the ever present spectre of Death in the background.

Nothing's changed.

Like I said, I know it's about elder abuse but there's a lot here that more people can relate to. The class warfare of the rich being served first, the need for community in an individualistic society, doctors ignoring what's important to you as your loved ones die.

I wish Romero could have seen the acclaim for this. He deserves it. More than a zombie movie guy, us in the horror community know that he was always more than zombies. He is a brilliant director and accomplished more about society in this movie with minimal dialog than Nomadland.

A little too real.

I miss my mom.

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