Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

Definitely better than the last one. The "core four" felt more natural in this than the last, the new setting made it feel fresher and it's own thing while being apart of the franchise. I wish more had died, I loved the kills. Kirby felt slightly shoehorned into this movie like it was a "fuck, we can't get Neve because we're not paying her enough, who do we get?" but also having Kirby back was great. Honestly, I loved everything up until the reveal/final act. While the kills were good during the final act it just felt a little dorky. And honestly, I loved the Letterboxd comment, it made me smile.

Also, if we can have Jenna Ortega and Mia Goth always be in horror movies forever, I would appreciate that. In fact, can we PLEASE have Mia Goth in Scream7?!!!

I don't usually rank, but after 6 movies, best to worst:

1. Scream 4
2. Scream 1
3. Scream 6
4. Scream 2
5. Scream 3
6. Scream 5

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