Halloween ★★★★★

Okay, hear me out. If Judith's boyfriend isn't so quick does Michael go on a killing spree? Think about it, Michael waits for them to go upstairs, and once her boyfriend comes down the stairs, Michael backs away, obviously intimidated because he's a kid for sure, but it didn't stop him from killing Judith. And by the time he's done killing Judith and steps out onto the front lawn, the Myers Parents are already there. So, if Judith's boyfriend puts in some effort, the parents come home with Michael dressed up with a knife, and the sounds of love coming from upstairs. I think Judith and Michael both woulda been grounded. Either that or the Myers woulda noticed their criminally crazy son and got him admitted. If that's the case, do the Myers even move? Is the house even run down? Does Michael still escape to kill his elderly parents??

Also, another thought, what if Michael picked Laurie by chance?? If she hadn't dropped off the keys at the Myers house, would Michael have even noticed her?? Because he immediately gets obsessed with her and Tommy after she drops off the keys stalking around town watching them.

The real crime is Linda and Bob drinking budweiser 🤮

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