Blade Runner ★★★★

I’ve never been a *super* huge fan of this movie.

Harrison Ford? Yummy.
Lighting? Dark.
Closing monologue? AMAZING.
Plot? Understandably convoluted.

Today though,
Today I was minding my own freaking business at work, and I had a thought

But more specifically, I thought about….that scene.
Oh, you know the one.
The one where Harrison Ford’s character (honestly, what is his name in this hell-hole of a film? I forget. Moving on) practically forces himself on to Rachel. …
That scene, like so many other people…..,makes me uncomfortable.
Oh, but today I had a thought….a thought that had never crossed my mind.

Why the EFF do I care if the theoretical equivalent of a machine is being potentially sexually assaulted???

I catch myself. I breathe heavy.
Of course I care.
I care because sexual assault is bad and rape is always bad and It’s just...It’s BAD. That’s final.

But it’s not.

What is rape? What is sexual assault?
I don’t need to define those terms.
But the reason - the reason these things are considered wrong at the core - are related to some thoughts and values related to autonomy.

And autonomy?
Autonomy is a human right;
And not just that, but it’s considered a BASIC human right. It’s borderline essential!
It’s a BARE MINIMUM right, my friends.
Bare. Minimum. Right.

Okay. Whatever.
Where the entire HECK am I taking this review?

To feel uncomfortable during this scene, I have to do a lot of things.

I have to impose or feel compelled to project some values related to rights and the ones I feel are entitled to people on to an experience I am being challenged to visually participate in.

I have to accept the fact that it’s possible at times my assumptions related to how deserving an individual or entity is of being treated respectfully can be tied to ultimately vapid qualities such as appearance or the amount of intelligence or emotions they have the potential of expressing or possessing.

I have to acknowledge the overarching implication that the closer Rachel gets to being truly human...the less she deserves to live in any capacity at all.

I have to reconcile with the fact that at the end of the day I could care less if Rachel dies. That if she dies I think of it as nothing more than shutting down a theoretical computer for good.

I have to accept Rachel as being more like me than is initially admitted.

And quite frankly -
I’m just not ready to do that.

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