Stowaway ★★

Some beautiful camera work in lieu of story development. A movie should be more than a series of nice wallpaper shots.

Impossible premise. Full stop. As Pinkman says, "It's science, bitch!"

Yet I watched on.
No character development. Characters have no inner life or underlying motivations; these people are flat as they come and we don't care about any of them, not even the stowaway; the crew discuss murder as a fait acccompli.
No tension or rising action--no acting. Script seems written by an AI that doesn't understand human beings.
The obvious enemy (mega corporation cutting corners) is not only ignored, but is gladly and un-ironically obeyed: see Titanic.

Technical deathstrokes:
No climax--the protagonist is irrelevant to the ending.
Greatest sin of all, Deus Ex Machina ending.

Once again the great genre of science fiction has been let down.