Everything is a Remix Remastered

Everything is a Remix Remastered ★★★★★

The idea of the Everything is a Remix (EiaR) documentary is in the title itself. Ferguson shows through examples in music, film, and software, that the things people create are all essentially remixes of previous things. He simplifies the basic elements of creativity into "copy, transform, and combine." I really connect to the director's humor, ideas, and filmmaking style and I am a proud supporter of his ongoing content.

EiaR has had a huge influence on the way I look at the world when it comes to creativity. It is the first major work from filmmaker Kirby Ferguson, released in four episodes, from 2010-2012 on his Vimeo and YouTube channels. Ferguson essentially remixed his own series and polished it into a 36-minute film in 2015, currently available on his YouTube channel. As of November 2021, Ferguson is "rebooting" the series by expanding and updating the content, and has made Part 1 available on his channel.

P.S. A little housekeeping: This Letterboxd entry is for the EiaR "Remastered" film in 2015, but I argue it is essentially the same film as the original four-part series. Ferguson, in his own words, "merged them together... rebuilt and improved the first part... fixed a few errors... and basically polished up EiaR" (36m34s). IMDb correctly lists the original series as separate short films, so hopefully TMDB will do the same at some point. If TMDB considers Rocky vs. Drago to be the same as Rocky IV, EiaR should have one title entry, as well!

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