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  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
  • Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles 2: Secret of the Christian Bells
  • Cenote
  • Lucky People Center International

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  • Excision


  • What I Remember

  • Без правосудия

  • Fatal Mistake

Recent reviews

  • Who are you, Ellie?

    Who are you, Ellie?

    Another lost film, digitized in the highest quality, despite the fact that the celluloid we found has lost color.

    The mercilessly cynical and savage Kyrgyz crime-thriller "Who are you, Ellie?" is a typical exploitative product of the 90s, where dying is scary, but living is even scarier.

    Against the backdrop of brutal mafia wars, cop outrage and a groovy disco soundtrack, an impossible love story unfolds between the noble killer Ellie and a girl Gyulsary from the wealthy family.

  • A Specter Haunts Europe

    A Specter Haunts Europe

    This silent film has been gathering dust in the archives for the last 100 years and is available only to researchers of rare films of that distant era.

    From Outer Space team was able to legally get this film from the Moscow State Film Fund and now, for the first time in many decades, it is publicly available! (t.me/xfromouterspace)

    Motives from several literary sources are mixed in "A Specter Haunts Europe". First of all, these are "The Masque of the…

Popular reviews

  • AntiFaust


    Antifaust has been considered lost for the past 30 years. Finally it is officially found by project From Outer Space (vk.com/bosafos, t.me/xfromouterspace) and available to everyone.

    In 1990 Georg Friesen a young German from Hanover came to Russia and enrolled in filmmaker courses at VGIK. In 1993, he directed the film AntiFaust — an avant-garde mystical-romantic extravaganza, saturated with non-standard visuals and an instantly immersive soundtrack. Obviously, the director was inspired by the films of Friedrich Murnau and Peter Greenaway.…

  • Untitled 77-A

    Untitled 77-A

    15 years before Japanese underground such as "Tetsuo" and "Pinocchio 964", a little Korean woman went out to the streets of Seoul and shot passers-by with her weighty Bolex. After a day's outings, she fell into ecstasy dancing with celluloid in the editing room and cut reality into pieces of film with her sharp scissors.