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  • Lucky People Center International
  • The Water Was So Clear
  • Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles 2: Secret of the Christian Bells
  • Cenote

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  • I′m So Sorry

  • Robin Redbreast


  • For My Alien Friend


  • The Apple-Knockers and the Coke

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  • Untitled 77-A

    Untitled 77-A

    15 years before Japanese underground such as "Tetsuo" and "Pinocchio 964", a little Korean woman went out to the streets of Seoul and shot passers-by with her weighty Bolex. After a day's outings, she fell into ecstasy dancing with celluloid in the editing room and cut reality into pieces of film with her sharp scissors.

  • AntiFaust


    Antifaust has been considered lost for the past 30 years. Finally it is officially found by project From Outer Space (vk.com/bosafos, t.me/xfromouterspace) and available to everyone.

    In 1990 Georg Friesen a young German from Hanover came to Russia and enrolled in filmmaker courses at VGIK. In 1993, he directed the film AntiFaust — an avant-garde mystical-romantic extravaganza, saturated with non-standard visuals and an instantly immersive soundtrack. Obviously, the director was inspired by the films of Friedrich Murnau and Peter Greenaway.…