Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

2022 has been an amazing year for movies.

now, anyone who follows me on twitter knows about my RRR obsession. RRR is a movie that was released in march 2022, and it instantly became one of my favourite films of all time. immediately, i went to all my social media accounts and started literally begging everyone to watch it.

so why am i talking about RRR in an Everything Everywhere All At Once review?

i just finished everything EEAAO. this is a movie that's an instant classic, just mind-blowing in the best way possible, such an insane, heart-breaking, amazing experience overall. but, this is a movie that feels much more personal than RRR did. unlike with the former movie, my first thought wasn't to start promoting it everywhere, i wanted it to be selfishly just mine. which is why the one thing i'm glad about is the fact that no one will ever have the same experience i did when i was watching this movie. that's just mine to cherish forever.

(now to a normal, mentally sane person, this might seem like a crazy fucking sentence but please stay with me)

this, and i cannot emphasize it enough, does NOT mean EEAAO isn't a good movie. it's an excellent movie, one of the best movies of all time. in fact, every person to ever exist should be able to watch this movie, it deserves to be appreciated in the best way possible.

if all of this made even the tiniest bit of sense to you, we should definitely be friends. if not, well... maybe stay for the rest of the review if you've read this far lol.

michelle yeoh is an icon, but we already knew that! this movie just further proves what hollywood should have recognized Years ago, she is the leading lady to end all other actresses. the entire cast gave their absolute best performances, with stephanie hsu (she's finally being recognized yaay!!) was stunning, incredible, insane as joy, and ke huy quan made me laugh and cry multiple times with his very layered amazing performance. james hong and jamie lee curtis were sooo wonderful in their roles too. the jenny slate and harry schum jr. cameos actually made me smile so much.

i'm a swiss army man truther (2016), so i knew the daniels wouldn't disappoint me and they didn't!! such a well directed and well written movie, which kept me completely engaged from beginning to the end. i also can't believe this was edited by only five people, and that too on premiere pro??? honestly, i have so much respect for them, i mean that software crashes every 15 minutes when i try to add more than 3 effects, i don't know how they had the patience to edit this 2 hour movie jesus

best multiversal movie, best movie about taxes, literally top 10 best movies of all time #toMe

"i laughed i cried a number of times i sweat i dance i got shot i ate and i had many epiphanies" is what perfectly describes my experience while watching this movie. i will definitely be rewatching it soon.

go watch this if you haven't. immediately (yes this is a threat)

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