Vice ★★★★½

Bursting at the seams with intensity, humour and cold truth, Adam McKay's Vice tells the story of Dick Cheney with finesse, without pulling any punches or softening the truth.

McKay's handling of this film was most impressive. He never backed away from showing things other directors wouldn't dare to show, albeit they were very graphic and unnerving, but it supported the story and served its purpose well, and some of those archive clips are REAL, which is shocking and disturbing.

Christian Bale is... mesmorising, and he 100% will win the Oscar, even though i'd like Malek to win, Bale will win, convincingly and deservingly so.

The humour was perfect, minor spoiler here but when McKay started putting title cards on about 40mins into the film like "Dick and Lynne live happy together with golden retrievers" and my personal favourite "Dick Cheney now runs in many Ironman triathalons across the world" and then proceeded to roll 10 or so seconds of credits, was absolutely genius and hysterical.

The final scene Cheney is in, was absolutely jaw dropping, Bale's performance in that scene alone was commanding, powerful and so emotive, it gave me fucking chills.

Sam Rockwell was excellent as Bush, as was Amy Adams, Steve Carrell and Tyler Perry. God damn it, this movie REALLY won me over, and for all the right reasons.

Albeit there are times where it's silly (re: post credits scene) but it's allowed to, and McKay relishes those moments perfectly and never makes them a burden.

A fucking GREAT film.

Also, features a timeless cameo from Jesse Plemons, so it's a huge W from me.

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