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This review may contain spoilers.

There is something about Logan that makes it such a masterpiece.

It's the reality, the humanity, the harmonic story of family, the building bridges and the struggle between father and daughter.

And the journey of 17 years along the way, it's just so very special and unique.

The final shot in this film, is one that will stick with me for a very, very long time. The way Laura, absolutely broken, knows she will never see her father again and as she turns around and turns the wooden cross into an "X".

It's simply breathtaking and symbolises the end of the X-Men, and the dawn of the new Mutants, which is a symbolic shot that whenever i see it, i will always at least tear up.

The way that Mangold accurately captured the real raw, distressing emotion between Logan and Laura when Logan is slowly dying was masterful.

He used one camera on Jackman, and a different camera on Keen to capture the true sadness of the moment, he wanted it to look more human and he did that, with eloquence.

It's the final 5mins of the movie where all the hurt, struggle and pain draws to an end. The look Logan gives Laura when she realises that, this is her father laying down on his death bed, and that she could have done more is heartbreaking. And the smile Logan gives her once she calls him "daddy" is just pure intense emotion.

It really packs a punch, where Logan says for his final words "You don't have to fight anymore. Don't be what they made you. and for his final line spoken in the entirity of 17 years is "So, this is what it feels like" as his eyes shut to the depressing, solemn piano key of Marco Beltrami's score.

I have given Dafne Keen many plaudits for her portrayal of Laura, but it's one that needs to be recognised by everyone. The way she recited Shane at the burial, and the heartbreak in her voice, was sensational for a 12 year old actress.

The way she acted when she realises she won't ever see her father or his body again is emotionally breaking. Her body language, and the way she turns it into an "X" is just absolutely heartwrenching and truly outstanding from Keen.

I write this with tears still in my eyes, and a heart that's truly broken in the best of ways, but this is my opinion.

Logan is the greatest comic book movie ever made.

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