Roma ★★★★★

This movie was one of the most stunning films I’ve watched all year with plenty of social commentary. Roma takes place in 1970’s Mexico. The story is focused on Cleo, an indigenous woman working as the maid for a well off mestizo family. The film explores issues of class, and the Dirty War of Mexico is at large and playing out throughout the film. At the time Mexico was under president Luis Echeverría Álvarez and backed by the US. 

The film from the moment it starts moves so smoothly with the character, and it felt really personal and fluid. It’s a film style I haven’t seen a lot, and the long takes gave a lot more to the story than just continuous cuts. 

The class system between Cleo and the family are conveyed so subtly, yet in an impactful way. The characters all had great performances. I laughed, felt sad, and felt hopeful through watching these characters. There’s so many small moments that give the film as a whole a great sense of emotional impact.

It’s a beautiful black & white film that moves throughout the world so effortlessly and shows so much.

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