Vortex ★★★★

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Homes are for the living.

Don't let Gaspar's most humane film fool you. In Noé's world, where time destroys everything, the compassion is the cruelty. Vortex is a sharp departure from his usual brand of carnal violence, but it hollows you out just the same. To some degree, each work in his catalog explores the cruel division between the insignificance and fragility of human bodies, minds and lives and the profound significance each one has for all of us. We live within a dream, and eventually everyone wakes up. Every cherished memory, your happy home, and all the meaning you fill it with with be stripped out and abandoned, someone's burden, someone's trash. Features two great leads and a stunning supporting turn from Alex Lutz, whose son character Stéphane might just be the best in any Noé film. The best film of the year so far. I may never recover from it.

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