Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

I'm not in the business. I am the business.

Wake up. Bright flames pierce dark skies, a vision of the future soaked in rain and synthetic light. None of the animals are real, but predators stalk the city streets. Like everything, it's an open question as to who's the prey and who's the hunter. The citizens of Los Angeles don't much care about the plot of the film; none of their number take any notice to Deckard, Rachel, Batty, Sebastien or the others. Settings sprawl and explode with movement, and Deckard's targets hide not necessarily in the shadows, but within crowds of those left on earth – the sick, the poor, and the machines. There isn't any telling them apart, because there isn't any difference between them. All are exploited, all know how far men go to get what they want from a beautiful body. The journey of the film happens inside its characters, first by scrubbing out the false memories and the destructive ideals, next by founding a new status quo based on shared experience and solidarity. There is no cure for death, but we need not live alone. Fight for your dreams, and never let them wash the memory of you away. Time to die.

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