Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Animation , Adventure , Comedy & Family Movie (Fantastic Mr.Fox#697).

Mr.Fox loves adventure , hunting chicken , goose and stealing it. As the farmers felt annoying sharing their chickens with the fox , they start hunting him and seeking for vengeance for what he did.

Redemption? Sure. But in the end, he's just another dead rat in a garbage pail behind a Chinese restaurant.

Fantastic Mr.Fox is a really good animation movie to watch with family or with your kids feeling comfortable. As im not usually a fan of that animation style but Fantastic Mr.Fox proved me wrong , the script full of humorous and ridiculous comments most of the time which makes it alot better and risible.
There are alot of familial moments during the film making it as good as its supposed to be beside that its a catchy and cool one.
So paradoxically, its humour and compassion make it a thoroughly funny , even enjoyable animation movie for family watching.
Based on a book by Roald Dahl and directed by Wes Anderson and he managed to do it successfully in a way that charm the watcher.
All told, the film is more than good and is marvelous much of the time and if you are looking for a family movie to watch then i can tell you that Fantastic Mr.Fox is the perfect choice for you.

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