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Score: 10/10
Stand out: Meryl Streep

Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the greatest children films ever made. One thing that makes it one of the best is that people of any age can watch it and enjoy it.

Mr. Fox goes behind his wife's back and pulls a heist on some local farmers, however, they don't let him get away with it.

This is funny and heartwarming and has a good message for kids. Mr. Fox and his son, Ash, are both going through their own problems where it seems like they want to be the best at everything. This shows that that isn't possible and that is okay.

The animation is amazing. Everything is so beautifully made. Each animal has a distinctive design so it's easy to tell the difference between them. This doesn't look like many other films and, of course, it had Wes Anderson's distinctive yellow and orange colouring.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is smart and witty and just plain good fun. The voice actors are all really good, and Clooney and Schwartzman are perfect in their roles.

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