Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★★½

Part of me really feels like I ought to rate this movie lower. While the acting is solid, the camerawork great, and the music interestingly chosen, the dialogue is absolutely tortured to death. 

It’s not even quite that it’s awful (although at times it is), or even that nobody talks like this (they don’t), but that it’s smack dab in the uncanny valley. These people in this movie should not talk this way. It consistently does not make any sense that they would. And the entirety of it feels like something that is just entirely wrong. Like a movie made up entirely of viral tiktoks or something. Almost every interaction feels absolutely staged. 

Some may chalk this up to Martin McDonagh chasing an Oscar or some similarly cynical pursuit. But most Oscar films are much better written than this. This really does just feel like a culture clash. The result of someone having no clue how to represent the people he wants to talk about. If I imagine this movie taking place in a small Irish village or something it makes a lot more sense. 

A 2/5 for personal enjoyment. I barely gritted my way through it. But I realize a whole lot of other people can overlook its single obvious flaw for its other much better qualities.

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