Shame ★★★★★

What an experience. This is exactly my kind of film. The kind of film I want to make. Just seeing Michael Fassbender running through a blue tinted city was enough to hook me into continuing through an otherwise heart breaking and even at times hard to watch film. Shame never once felt disorienting. There was something so coherent about not only this film's structure, but it's pacing. Everything felt so smooth, even throughout the credits. The film's themes and tone feel abundantly clear to me personally when viewing the poster alone. Quilts stained in a melancholic blue, which is this film's colour palette majority of the time in order to establish the character's mood, and the lingering temptation following and often consuming him. Steve McQueen's excellent direction, culminated with brilliantly real performances, a powerful score among other strengths creates a film, far too real for comfort. Holy crap.

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