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This review may contain spoilers.

Old is easily M. Night Shyamalan's best film to date. The first question always asked when referring to one of the director’s entries is “how good is the twist?” Personally, I’ve rarely ever enjoyed one of his twists, but I can confidently say that Old already houses such an interesting premise, Shyamalan’s signature “big reveal” does not turn the entire plot on its head, but rather adds depth to an already engaging story. Instead of being a complete detour from the previous acts, it only builds on top of them for a conclusion which matches the original tone.

Old is quick to show the negatives of aging: deterioration of the body and mind, physical illnesses rapidly kill off characters, and of course death itself. What I didn’t expect to see, is the film’s heartfelt warmth towards the aging process and outlook on holding grudges against those we love. While most of the tourist’s time spent on the beach is chaos, a tender moment near the end with the protagonist’s parents show a different perspective on passing away with a calm conversation. In the beginning the couple were set on separating, caused by unfaithfulness of the wife. A cancer diagnosis postponed the divorce, however, and the couple wanted to enjoy one last vacation with their children before telling them the news. Several fights breakout between the spouses, but as the saying goes, time heals all wounds. While in their final moments, the husband asks, “Were we fighting about something?” (a reference to a previous fight in which he revealed he saw her texts to another man.) “Yes.” “Well, I don't know what it was, but I don't care anymore.” He leans on her shoulder as they take their last breaths, admiring the sunset. When time is limited perspectives shift and what truly matters to people will always prevail. For some, the thought of losing attractiveness is fatal, others will try to do anything they can to escape the inevitable, and some just want to be with their companion in life.

“I can’t remember why we wanted to leave this beach. It’s so… Beautiful”


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