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  • Raw


    In Depth:

    I. Intro
    II. Nature vs. Nuture
    III. Supernatural Occurrences or Out of Place Scenes
    IV. Conclusion

    I. Intro

    I first watched Raw in October of last year and it hasn’t left my mind since. Like the same curse which is imbued within Justine, the film has seared itself into my brain and is quick to make an appearance in my list when the topic of favorite movies is at hand. The motivation of my first viewing was to…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    In Depth:

    “What did it cost?”

    This review will be divided into 6 parts:

    I. The MCU
    II. The Story
    III. The Action
    IV. Thanos
    V. Problems
    VI. Conclusion

    I. The MCU

    Before discussing Infinity War, I feel that I should bring up my personal thoughts on the MCU as a whole. When it first came out, I wasn’t too invested in it. Iron man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor came and went. I found them entertaining, but nothing…

Recent reviews

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    Starts off so strong with a great first story where Wes Anderson’s style compliments the insanely fun concept of Benicio as an asylum patient. The other two didn’t grab me nearly as much, but that animated car chase was unforgettable!

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice

    Pretty much exactly what you’d  think it would be if you look at the directors previous work. Couple of clever gags but the primary appeal is how attractive everybody is. I will say there is a sneaky twist that I did not see coming.


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  • Pig



    One of the most soft and touching films I have seen in some time, Pig confronts every revenge cliché with a tender response. It meets violence by turning the other cheek, heartlessness with empathy, hate with love. When I exited the theater the green on trees were a little more vibrant and the air felt a bit more crisp. A film that will make you take the long way home just for the sake of scenery. The story stays purposefully…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Much like A Ghost Story, The Green Knight has some brutal dragging. David Lowery does not care. His vision is immovable and it shows in his tone and execution. Trying to digest The Green Knight right after a first viewing feels like being a snake with its mouth wrapped around an elephant’s ankle. The world tramples over you and I must admit it took a while for me to collect my bearings after seeing the film. It leaves you with more questions than answers, and honestly, when’s the last time a fantasy adventure movie has done that?