The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment ★★★½

The Belko Experiment is a nasty genre piece that doesn't overstay its welcome and balances the horrific premise with humor that stems from real reactions. It's well-worn territory and doesn't have much to say outside of the surface arguments about utilitarianism, authoritarianism, and the forces of social contracts & structures on our basic humanity. But those are all rife subjects, so it at least asks the questions effectively.
To that point, it never really moves past other stories of its ilk. A lot has been said about Battle Royale, but I couldn't get past how this had been done better 10 years earlier in Christopher Smith's Severance, which is both funnier and more committed to its concept. Not to say that The Belko Experiment loses its way, but by the end it feels a tad predictable.
To its benefit this is well-acted, transcendently violent, and a Hell a lot of a fun. But there's a lot under the surface that doesn't feel probed enough.

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