The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch

Bad acting, bad music, bad directing, bad storytelling, that damn aspect ratio. Literally the worst movie of the year.

That constant fucking verbal diarrhea. Non-stop barrage of words being the only narrative tool while visuals are used only as Anderson’s signature and nothing more. So many words, so much dialogue. Halfway through the movie I just stopped caring. It was impossible to follow the film.

Acting was so bad. Especially Timothy Chalame or whatever. His acting here is somehow even worse than in Dune. The guy literally puts zero effort into his acting or his characters. And that old woman sleeping with a 19 yo student is just gross.

Yes Wes, say it, say it! Tell it with words. Fucking tell us everything with your neverending verbal vomit. Do not let us think even for a moment. Turn our brains into a fucking mush.

WTF Anderson was trying to tell us I just don’t remember. There’s simply nothing to recall from that endless stream of words. I learned nothing new.

Also people saying it’s his ode to French New Wave are out of their fucking minds.

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