Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick ★★★★★


A Hawksian tribute to the Big Screen and every individual who plays a part, all equally important no matter how big or small, in making it happen. Cruise is genuinely, sincerely looking at his own stardom here with confidence and a tinge of regret. Acknowledging his own mortality, his age, and his ever present ability which still seems unmatched. The World is changing, he CANNOT keep doing this forever, but as long as he is able, he’ll give it his all. Some say the pictures are dying, Cruise says “Fuck you” and helps craft some of the most impressive spectacle ever committed to celluloid, by risking his life yet again. Top Gun: Maverick is perhaps the ultimate tribute to what Tom Cruise has done for movies for so long, and his infinite love of both the audience’s perspective and the craft that goes into making them. We have officially entered Cruise’s “The Times are a-Changing” era, and it couldn’t have arrived with a better movie. Go see this on the biggest screen with the loudest speakers you can find.