After Hours

After Hours ★★★★★


Just watched Casino, The Irishman, Age of Innocence and, After Hours back to back over the past couple days. Convinced Marty can do anything. After Hours was significantly better than I remember. Probably no better distillation of Kafkaesque anxieties in cinema than this. Constantly hilarious, absolutely FULL of classic bit players and “That guys” that are all putting in some of their best work. Griffin Dunne kills it as the lead, bringing coked up energy to a character that doesn’t do any drugs over the course of the film, at least so he says. It’s hard to make a character this dickish actually likable, but Dunne does it perfectly. You love and hate the guy in equal measure. Paul’s situation gets worse and worse, but maybe the bastard deserved it. Special attention should be paid to how good Rosanna Arquette is; never been better and crafts a wholly three dimensional person in only about 15 minutes of screen time. New York is crazy dog.