Dune ★★★★★


#Dune  shattered my expectations in almost every way! A true cinematic treasure that will be cherished for decades to come & gave me the same feeling that I got watching A New Hope for the first time. This is Epic to the highest of standards & I need more right now. 
The entire movie excels in almost every manner. A technical achievement that brings this world to life, a script that breathes Accessibility to the material but intelligence & One of the best scores I’ve ever heard! HANS FUCKING ZIMMER! 
And don’t even get me started with the performances HOLY SHIT. #TimotheeChalamet  is Phenomenal in here giving my favorite performance of his yet! #RebeccaFerguson steals the show, & #JasonMomoa is just stellar. Everyone is great but the true star is Denis 
This is plain out #DenisVilleneuve Passionate Masterpiece. It proves that he is the best working director at the moment & flat out deserves to start filming part 2 right now! Because the ending??? WILL GAVE YOU SHOUTING IN APPLAUSE AND NEEDING MORE! #Dune

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