The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Yeah this film is a masterpiece in almost every way. Not many sequels are just as good if not better than it predecessor but part 2 is very satisfying expansion the the godfather and some believe its better than the first. I still believe the godfather is slightly better but I’ve seen both of the films 3 times each and they have so much rewatch ability for 3 hours films I’ll probably rewatch both very soon. 

As I’ve sayed it’s a masterpiece and every time  I watch it I notice something else that I didn’t last time. Most of the performances are actually slightly better than the first movie even though the acting in part 1 is almost perfect aswell. Al Pacino in this film is a little better and most of the other actor like De niro, Duvall, Keaton, Cazale and most other actor give really good performances but my favourite thing about this film is the contrast between young Vito and how he builds his empire on love, passion and respect compared to Micheal who runs his empire on fear, secrets and murdering. Micheal is my favourite character in film history and I love seeing his downfall and how by the end he’s got absolutely nothing. All his family is dead. Kay isn’t with him anymore and he’s looking back to the past as he misses it.

Anyway the godfather and the godfather 2 is in my opinion the greatest one two punch in film history and I could watch both film every day of the week and have a blast. Love everything about this film and will probably watch it again very soon. MASTERPIECE