The Little Things

The Little Things β˜…β˜…Β½

Warner Bros. really should’ve just called this The Little Thingzzz 😴

To cut to the chase, this is definitely no more than a usual January dump simply given a higher status because of its star pedigree. And yet, 2/3 of them don’t even deliver! Washington is sleepwalking throughout the entire story (someone PLEASE check his pulse), Malek has NO clue what he’s doing or who is character is, and it’s up to Leto to breathe ANY sort of life into this whatsoever (even though the film keeps him on the sidelines until an hour in!). One whole star is for him, the other is for a genuinely sprightly score from Thomas Newman, and that last half is to honor the 1-2 suspenseful sequences that actually got my blood pumping before the banality of this entire affair set in once again.Β 

Could’ve and should’ve been SO much better, and it’s kind of unacceptable that it isn’t.

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