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  • Dune



    The main way you can tell the good guys apart from the bad guys is that the good guys have good skin and the bad guys have very bad skin.

  • TINA



    Compelling and warm documentary that persuasively portrays Tina as both a survivor of harrowing abuse and one of the greatest underdog stories in music history. Obviously knew bits and pieces of Tina's story, but I didn't know the lengths she had to go through to extricate herself from Ike, and never realized how widely she was dismissed as a has-been by the time Private Dancer came out. The film is overlong, and I could do without the extended fairytale epilogue about her hot German husband, but he does seem like a nice man.

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  • My Psychedelic Love Story

    My Psychedelic Love Story


    I love Errol Morris, but don't love his late-career tendency to center every documentary around One Big Interview with One Single Interview Subject, such that he has to work so hard to spice up the format with flashy visual flourishes and superimposed text.

    Anyway, this was OK. I like when you can distinctly hear Errol Morris shouting at his interview subject from offscreen.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    "That's Joanna Newsom's husband."
    —me whispering to my girlfriend every time Joanna Newsom's husband appears onscreen