• The Mad Bomber

    The Mad Bomber


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Another watch, I picked up from Tarantino's Cinema Speculation book. Tarantino compares the performance of Neville Brand's serial rapist in this movie, with that of Al Lettieri's Rudy in The Getaway.

    It is so ridiculous, it is a kind of fun. The mad bomber from the title plants a bomb, and a serial rapist, an excellent Neville Brand witnesses this. A police detective, decides to go after the serial rapists in stead of the mad bomber because - and this…

  • Them!



    When Man entered the atomic age, he opened a door into a new world. What we'll eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.

    Obviously it would play great as double feature with the China Syndrome.

    B-movie heaven.

  • The Getaway

    The Getaway


    This movie does something films like The Wild Bunch or Straw Dogs forget. Doc's (Steve McQueen) and Carol's relationship is disfunctional, but you understand why that is. They are both under tremendous stress. You feel they love each other. At the end I was rooting for them and hoping they getaway. I couldn't care less what happens to the couple in Straw Dogs.

    With harmonica solos of Belgian legend, Toots Tielemans. Very recognizable.

    On my Blu Ray copy a lot of the extras pay attention that the original Jerry Fielding score was replaced by a Quincy Jones score. Apparently that was a decision of Steve McQueen.

  • Junior Bonner

    Junior Bonner


    What a nice surprise. Until today all Peckinpah movies I have seen, don't include one likeable character. I was bored the first half hour, expecting cynicism, misogyny, violence, ... But it turned out to be so sweat. And I think it will be better when watching it again.

    If you see one rodeo, you've seen them all

    That's probably true. But bronco riding, bull wrestling, cow milking, ... is very entertaining stuff.

    Peckinpah never used freeze frames better than at the end of this movie. I thought they would be the last persons to steal my heart, but Steve and Sam pulled it off.

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Fun, top notch, unpretentious, old fashioned entertainment. Looking forward to part two.

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    In his new book, cinema speculation, Tarantino includes 3 essays on movies that are reworkings of John Ford's The Searchers, Taxi Driver, Hardcore, and Rolling Thunder. He is certainly not the first making this analysis. In all of my movie books Taxi Driver and Hardcore are called reworkings of The Searchers. It is hard to find a movie book which includes an essay about Rolling Thunder.

  • Pendulum



    According Tarantino in his cinema speculation book, an obvious example of a Dirty Harry prototype. Obvious? Everybody seems to have forgotten this movie, except him. It is certainly interesting to view the movie from the Dirty Harry angle.

    I did like the over the top performance of Robert F. Lyon's as the movie's villain.

  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch


    The leader of the wild bunch Pike (William Holden) is a very cynical character. He leaves, T.C. the grandson of an old accomplish on the battleground of San Rafael to die. (He didn't know he was his grandson, but that doesn't justify the act itself). He refuses to give one of his gang a decent burial. He delivers army guns to two fighting parties in the Mexican civil war. He hates woman. There is no friendship or even camaraderie within…

  • Thief



    Being a huge fan of Heat, I honestly can't explain why I never watched this before. What a movie!

    Certainly my favorite tangerine dream soundtrack.

  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    A friend of mine described this movie as reversed First Blood. While in First Blood we see the dogs set loose on Rambo, here we see the soldiers being attacked by dogs. Where Rambo sets the traps, here we see soldiers falling into the traps. In this movie the hillbillies draw first blood. Still it is not completely unjustified they kill off the soldiers one by one.
    This is Deliverance rip off. Maybe First Blood is Deliverance reversed?

  • The Death Squad

    The Death Squad


    I am reading Tarantino's book, Cinema Speculation. In the chapter about Dirty Harry, QT briefly analyses the Dirty Harry sequel Magnum Force. According the new born film critic, the Dirty Harry sequel not only downplays everything what is great about the Harry Callahan character, but tries to reverse it. In the sequel, Harry Callahan goes against a number of dirty traffic cops (dressed in leather like - you guessed it - fascists) executing criminals, who where not convicted due to…

  • Magnum Force

    Magnum Force


    Briggs, I hate the goddamn system but until someone comes along with changes that make sense I stick with it.

    That doesn't sound like Dirty Harry to me. Didn't he throw away his batch in the first movie?

    The movie could have played with the idea to make the audience believe that Harry Callahan was one of the vigilante cops. A bit like in terminator 2, where you are not supposed to know Arnie is a good guy.
    Or that suspicion falls on dirty Harry - who else? And he needs to convince people there is a line he wouldn't cross.
    So many missed opportunities.