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  • The Seventh Horse of the Sun

  • The Happening

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  • Life of Pi

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  • Bhuvan Shome

    Bhuvan Shome

    love this so much, mainly how simple it is as a story, very literary and very short, but then how much mrinalda lets the film's cinematic idiom transform as it moves from an urban to rural headspace, how it begins so playful and hyperactive, jumping between voiceover montages to superimposed animations to newsreel of communist demonstration, then to something far more studied, peaceful, and reverent. shome and gouri's journey into the desert is just remarkable and really reveals the great kk…

  • The Village

    The Village


    definitely on some kumar shahani shit. this is one of night's best in terms of pure shot discretion, in a broad lack of concern for logical narrative sequences, moreso sensuous ones (though this changes a bit in the second half). but elsewhere the film's genius comes in how it embodies what shahani calls an "epic" cinema: such as, to create an abstracted and necessarily inaccurate sense of the historical through the concrete, accurate reproduction of the material, also to what extent…

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  • Om Shanti Om

    Om Shanti Om


    once upon a time in bollywood

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    like this better than chungking express just because it’s a lot seedier, a lot sexier, and a lot sadder. i like that these people are plugged into a much lonelier, much more sparsely populated underworld — wherever it’s busy, things seem to inevitably explode into violence and chaos. not a single moment of this takes place in daylight but everything’s so plastered in brilliance that the dark seems both intrusive/ominous and welcome/inviting at once. it just nails this incomprehensibly beautiful…